Blue Harmony Cup

Blue Harmony returns in 2019 and the NSWRL want you to be involved in the festivities.
The annual celebration of Rugby League is open to participants from a variety of backgrounds, with the tournament to be held throughout September and October. 

Heritage teams in under-16s, under-18s boys and girls divisions will compete in 9-a-side competitions throughout the day, accompanied by cultural celebrations from the participating nations/regions. See below for the contact details of each team:

NSW Samoa - Lino Salafai –

Tonga NSW - Kim Ilolahia –

Australian Fiji RL - Daisy Zakarija –

Ozzy Cook Islands - Maherau Arona –

NSW Maori - Sharina Spooner –

Africa United - Steve Warwick –

Mediterranean-Middle East - Adam Williams –

Italy-Australia - Anthony Gagliardi –

Ireland-Australia - Jade Ferguson –

Malta Heritage - Peter Cassar –

Latin Heat RL - Rod Millar –

Vanuatu - Ben Howard –

NSWRL Indigenous Programs –

NSWRL Harmony Teams –

Expressions of Interest are called for players and officials to support the NSWRL Harmony Teams in the following Divisions:
• Under-16s Boys
• Under-16s Girls
• Under-18s Boys
• Under-18s Girls

The NSWRL Harmony teams are for those players not identifying with one of the other participating cultural backgrounds and represent an opportunity for players from a variety of cultural backgrounds to come together in a spirit of cooperation.

All teams will have the option to play in a nine-a-side format or full 13-a-side format and in the male competitions, no representative players are eligible for selection in male teams. A Blues Tag (LeagueTag) competition is also on offer for those nations new to the concept or with small numbers of registered players. 

For all interested officials, please email and provide the following information:
• Full Name
• Date of Birth
• Relevant Qualifications: (Coaching/Sports Trainer)
• Position Applied for: Coach/Manager/Trainer
• Relevant Experience
• Preferred Team(s):