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Mental Fitness

The NSWRL Mental Fitness Changing Rooms program is designed to educate and provide support to youth of the NSWRL sporting community in dealing with challenges in life off the field and away from school when they aren’t dealing with the situations in a positive manner.

The NSWRL Changing Rooms Program is a 4-week program on mental fitness for boys and girls aged 14 to 20 years of age conducted once a week on consecutive weeks. Each session runs for no longer than 30 minutes before training in the club’s dressing rooms.

The Changing Rooms Program is facilitated by NSWRL in partnership with industry accredited presenters on mental fitness and wellbeing.

The four topics discussed are bullying; depression and anxiety; suicide prevention; and drugs and alcohol.

Mental Fitness Information: 



Eating Disorders

Self Harm

Substance Abuse