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It was the kick that went viral in 2015.

No stranger to goal-kicking feats, fans knew of Matt Moylan’s kicking abilities – who could ever forget his game-winning sideline conversion after the fulltime siren to beat the Bulldogs and several clutch field goals in 2014?

However, no one saw what was to come in 2015 during City-Country camp, when Moylan produced a stunning kick that had to be seen to be believed.

Those watching on were kept guessing as Moylan unexpectedly placed his kicking tee next to the corner post during practice.

What came next was nothing short of astonishing as Moylan placed the ball on the tee and wrote a mystic tale of football freakishness that you only ever hear about without seeing it.

Smashing a bending goal kick, those watching the magic unfold erupted in celebration as the ball sailed straight through the uprights.

It instantly became a “where-were-you-when” moment for those in person, and like that it became a viral smash as everyone couldn’t get enough of Moylan’s mind-bending trickery.

There’s no wonder why this 24-year-old is the next big thing to explode in rugby league.

There were plenty of Magic Moments across the NSWRL’s myriad competitions and programs in 2015. What’s your favourite? Join in the conversation via Facebook and Twitter.