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Paul Langmack is a bit worse for wear, nursing a sore and sorry body, but is elated at the success his charity walk at the City2Surf has achieved.

Langmack, a 300-game veteran, raised money for Chris O’Brien lifehouse walking alongside a host of Rugby League fans, and NSWRL board member Ray Dib.

It was originally planned for Langmack to walk the event, but he decided to run on various occasions, and is facing the body-soreness related consequences today.

“Chris O’Brien wanted me to try and raise $1000 but I did that pretty easily, I’ve got up to nearly $6000 now,” Langmack said.

“I feel very tired, I’m aching, I felt like a bloke that’s passed his prime who can’t let go physically, but I’ll be back.”

To support Paul Langmack and Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in the 2016 City2Surf click here to donate.