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The Final Say | Mark O'Meley

With only a few hours until kick off, CABE NSW Under 20's coach Mark O'Meley delivers the final say on his squad set to face Queensland at ANZ Stadium. 

Tex Hoy

Tex is really good with footwork, attention to detail and polishing back end of sets.

Tui Katoa

We really need our back five to take us forward and that’s Tui’s strength with his strong carries.

Stephen Crichton

Definitely going to see a lot of NRL in the future. He is an athlete and I have seen him develop into a talented player over the years of coaching.

Ethan Parry

One of our characters who from day dot got the boys together to gel and make them feel comfortable. Gets the boys to interact and makes things less confronting with his attitude.

Jason Saab

Big talk, good jumper and great attributes. A person willing to learn and easy to educate.

Matt Burton

Our number six on our left side with a different style. He jumps, skips and isolates defenders so I’m excited to see him and Stephen Crichton link up with that Penrith connection on the edge.  

Blake Taaffe

A young kid that has developed tremendously in the past four years. He’s got the X factor – good feet left and right, speed and squareness in the game.

Spencer Leniu

Powerful and has Payne Haas written all over him. Such an exciting prospect in our middle.

Sam Verrills

You can see why he’s been playing NRL. He is a leader and educator where he encourages and makes everyone feel comfortable around him with a Roosters culture oozing through him.

Ky Rodwell

No nonsense worker, honest, reliable and a really good kid. It’s hard to find people that can take accountability and he takes on board any feedback.

Teig Wilton

Our captain from the country who has developed through our pathways. A great story and a great leader. He has made my job easy by taking responsibility to organise this team.

Matthew Doorey

Good back-row and great handskills for passing the ball. He’ll connect really well on that right edge with Blake Taaffe, where they’ll have some joy out there.  

Darby Medlyn

Darby is from Canberra so brings a country feel to camp which is great by being easy-going, considerate and puts everyone first ahead of himself.

Luke Huth

Been very surprising. I’ve never had to coach someone like Luke who is so reserved but very intelligent. He sits back observes and does. It’s amazing to see someone analysis as much as he has.  

Stefano Utoikamanu

A big human who’s a really good kid that’s learning to push himself through boundaries more and more. Very easy to coach.

Matt Croker

A great Taree boy with traits like Danny Buderus. He’s coming in as a Mr fix-it to clean up around the middle, bring that energy and talk.  

Alex Seyfarth

Everyone needs a utility that can play a bit of back-row in the middle lock which is what Alex will bring in with a lot of tempo off the bench.

Tommy Talau

Tommy is the ultimate utility and can play centre, halfback, hooker, lock and that’s why he is 18th man.

Charlie Staines

Charlie has been exceptional this year and is still young, so has potential to progress further through our pathways again in the 20's next year.