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We have seen players jump on board the #keeptheballmoving challenge, now St George Referees association have stepped up and challenged their referees to a “best whistle tone” competition.

The competition is shared on their social media pages where the public has the chance to vote on the overall best whistle tone in the association.

“We saw the idea on the NSW Touch Association page and thought It was a really great initiative and wanted to incorporate it in our own association,” said St George Referees Association - Social Secretary Chelsea Thompson.

The challenge is currently in the quarter-final stages, with the winner to be announced on St George Rugby League Referees Facebook page on Wednesday 1 July.

St George Referees have also challenged other referee associations to get on board in a bid to have the best whistle tone in each District and Region go head-to-head in a state-wide “battle of the whistle”.

“Let’s get everyone on board on with it, Canterbury, Cronulla, our neighbouring associations, members family and friends get involved.” Thompson said.

If you would like to become a referee contact your local association or NSWRL Club Support Officer for more information.