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Try League graduate ready for kick-off

For one Try League graduate from Glenwood, the re-start of the Community Rugby League season on 18 July could not come soon enough.

The 5 year-old will line up for All Saints Toongabbie in his first season of Rugby League after getting a taste of the game for the first time when he took part in the NSWRL’s Try League program.   

Promoting cultural inclusivity in Rugby League through its engagement with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) communities, the program encourages the learning of Rugby League skills in a fun and safe environment. It is a non-competitive, non-contact program where children learn the basics such as kicking, passing and tagging.

Try League may only be in its infancy but the program is proving successful in transitioning children from trying league to Community Rugby League competitions, where they will be coached by accredited coaches in clubs across NSW.

“It really helped to build his confidence in a team, I can’t wait to see him get out on the field and play with his friends,” said Brearne Warters (Mum of the Glenwood participant).

“We really enjoyed the program. What the kids get out of it to take home is great; he won’t leave the house now without his NSW football.”

Brearne said her son was really enjoying his transition to Community Rugby League.

“We are at All Saints Toongabbie and they are just so welcoming,” she said.

“He loves to tackle his friends. We can be at a park now and his mates who also play will just tackle and wrestle each other for the ball. Even watching on TV he tries to give coaching advice.”

Try League returns this month for eight-week courses in Fairfield, Glenwood and Bexley. To register click the link, find the NSWRL Logo, hit register and follow the prompts to fill out the form.

Fairfield - Wednesdays 5.30pm from 22 July

Glenwood - Thursdays 6pm from 23 July

Bexley - Fridays 5.30pm from 24 July