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COVID Hub – Ladder updates to  Ron Massey, Sydney Shield, and Denton Engineering

The latest ladders for COVID-19 impacted competitions across NSW can be found below:

All remaining competition ladders can still be viewed on the Ladder page.

Ladders will be updated at the completion of each round

COVID-19 Rule Changes

Full round is disrupted (all games that round are not played)

  • For all scheduled games, teams will receive 1 point each for a draw and no for/against points.
  • Teams that had a BYE in these rounds will receive 2 points.

Partial disruption (only some games are played)

  • For games that were played, results will stand.
    Games that were not played will be declared COVID draws – each team will receive 1 competition point and the average for and against points of their previous games that season (games before 25th June 2021).
  • Where a game was deferred from earlier in the season, for/against will be averaged as at the new date that the deferred games were moved to, not the original round date.
  • Teams that had a BYE in these rounds will receive 2 points.
  • Once the for and against averages are confirmed, NSWRL will make all clubs aware.