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Welfare And Education

The NSWRL's Welfare & Education Blueprint, a comprehensive 56-page document that helps players achieve success on and off the field, has been released to the public.

Printed and distributed to players in December, the Welfare & Education Blueprint, produced by the NSWRL and supported by the NRL's Welfare and Education Department, is designed to help players at all stages of their careers and lives.

Whether you're an elite adult or a budding youngster, you'll get plenty of valuable information, hints, tips and advice out of the Welfare & Education Blueprint.

Read it today and start putting your best foot forward, both on the field and off it.

Click here to download the NSWRL's Welfare and Education Blueprint.

(TIP: This is a large document. To maximise your viewing experience, view from a desktop computer. Hit the 'disk'/save icon down the bottom right of the PDF document after clicking on the link above to save it to your own PC.)