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Game Action : NRL Round 2 - 2012, Cronulla Sharks v Knights at Toyota Stadium sunday the 11th of March 2012. Digital Image by Grant Trouville ©

Alex McKinnon’s life changed forever when he suffered a career-ending spinal injury last March, but his story after coming to terms with the horrifying reality is simply extraordinary.

In the days that followed Alex was told not only was his football career over, but he would likely never walk again. Like any young person in this situation - let alone a professional athlete – this was devastating. Alex’s life as he knew it was over.

The inspirational Newcastle icon has since released his autobiography, and for the first time, Alex talks of his exact thoughts and feelings during the those first fateful moments on the field, and with raw honesty takes his audience through his painful first days and weeks in hospital, including the heartbreaking moment he is told the ramifications of his injury.

"I am proud to announce the release of my new self-published book – titled Unbroken. It is an emotional journey to remember what life was like before & after that game. Also, what it was like immediately after that tackle,” McKinnon said.

“Hopefully, my words will educate some people, my stories will encourage others and more importantly, my actions will give others hope to succeed.”

Click here to purchase Alex’s self published book Unbroken.