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Play by the Rules is an initiative aimed at making sport safe, fair and inclusive. Head to to find important information for club managers, coaches and volunteers, including:

  • Free online courses in child protection, harassment and discrimination, complaint handling and member protection
  • Interactive scenarios, a variety of toolkits, guidelines and templates to help you in your sport
  • Articles, media campaigns and promotional material all free for you to use at your club/association
The NSWRL has compiled some of the most vital resources to ensure safer and more inclusive environments in junior Rugby League.
Club Toolkit - This is where Play by the Rules can help you get up and running with some basic policies and guidelines your club should have. The template policies are a minimum standard, which you can use as a starting point. Your club may wish to implement something more detailed, in which case we have provided links to other programs that you may like to review, check them out in the resources section.
Understanding Complaint HandlingIn the perfect world there would never be any complaints and we wouldn't need to understand anything about complaint handling. Unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world. Things can go wrong and people have a right to complain and have their concerns listened to and dealt with.
All districts and clubs within the NSWRL are now required to adhere manual referring to the conduct and running of games. Find the full Policies and Procedures manual here.