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Nathan Hindmarsh isn’t sure what all the fuss is about.

The True Blue and Parramatta legend considers himself a ‘traditionalist’ as far as Rugby League goes but he can’t see any issue with the move to release an alternate NSW jersey for the Blues’ historic match in Perth for game two of next year’s State of Origin series.

“I like them, I think they’re good,” Hindmarsh told

“I didn’t really notice it until I had a really good look at it, the colour change.

“It’s only very subtle, they’ve only changed the chevrons to the sky blue and then the main jersey is the darker navy blue.

“I’m a bit of a traditionalist and I’ve seen jerseys change over the years. As long as we keep that emblem, it still stays the same. That’s all that really matters to be honest with you.

NSW Blues' Tyson Frizell.
NSW Blues' Tyson Frizell. ©Gregg Porteous/NRL Photos

“You look at your club jersey, they seem to change all the time and everyone seems to get on board there so I can’t see why it shouldn’t be the same thing now.

“It hasn’t changed that much really, looking at it, just a few colour changes but other than that it’s still a NSW jersey and you can tell that.”

Hindmarsh said wearing an alternate strip wouldn’t make a difference at all to players after recalling the time he was selected to play his one and only representative game for Country Rugby League in 2008.

“I remember when I pulled on a Country jersey and it was white and we haven’t seen one of those before,” Hindmarsh said. “They were always predominantly gold and maroon.

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“It was one of the most exciting moments of my life. Being a country boy, I only got to do it once because of the rules that were around at the time. It didn’t matter what colour it was. It could have been purple and pink … I wouldn’t have cared less. It was a Country jersey and I was wearing it.

“I’m sure that’s all that really matters to the boys. Whoever gets to pull that one on next year, next series, good on them. All they’ll be thinking about is that it’s a Blues jersey, it’s got the NSW badge on it and that’s it.”