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The decision Bedsy regretted after only three minutes

It was a moment that Brydens Lawyers NSW Blues assistant coach Danny Buderus wished he had over again.

The scene was pre-season training, the Newcastle Knights were being coached by Wayne Bennett, and teammate Adam 'Mad Dog' MacDougall couldn't believe what Buderus had brought along with him that day.

The players had been informed they were going on a SAS army camp, had been supplied with what they needed to survive for the week, and then told they had to pack their own bag. Most blokes turned up with backpacks but 'Bedsy' arrived with something a little different.

"Danny Buderus being a sensible bloke turned up to the army camp not with a backpack – because he didn't want to go out and buy a backpack – but a roller bag, so a big suitcase," MacDougall told Triple M's The Rush Hour with MG.

"As soon as we get there they drop us out in these trucks in the middle of nowhere, and these sandhills and what not, and they said, 'OK guys, get your bags, you have to carry them.'

"Best ever. We've all got backpacks and poor old Danny Buderus is trying to drag this suitcase.

"It was hilarious."

Buderus confirmed to that the story was true ('whenever the Mad Dog is telling stories, you make sure you get them confirmed' he said laughing) and he had opted for the suitcase because he thought they were going to be stationed at an army base.

He quickly realised he was in trouble after being dumped in the middle of the bush at Mullumbimby.

"Let's just say it wasn't the right backpack," Buderus said.

"It had a flat bottom and two wheels. I think that's what did my back in.

"It just kept on sliding, and there was a strap that went over the top, so your elbow would have to keep hitting it to keep it straight.

"It probably took me only three minutes to regret my decision."