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Brydens Lawyers NSW Blues coach Brad Fittler has reminded all participants involved in Junior Rugby League this weekend (27-28 April) to embrace #RESPECT Round by adhering to the core values of the game and demonstrate respect towards each other.

The NSWRL started #RESPECT Round in 2017 in a bid to eliminate poor behaviour on and off the field and ensure all players, coaches, referees, volunteers and families promoted a positive environment and supportive behaviours across Junior Rugby League.

Fittler is a firm believer in showing respect and playing the game in the right spirit and encouraged everyone involved in Junior Rugby League to embrace #RESPECT Round for this weekend as well as the rest of the season.

“To all the Junior Rugby League participants, coaches, families, staff, friends and everyone else who is involved in football this week is Respect Round but I’d like to think that every week is Respect Round.

“We want to focus on our behaviour around Junior Rugby League, our behaviour around referees, our behaviour around coaches, the way we talk to kids, the way we treat each other at games and the manner in which we play games.

“Let’s do a good job out there this week and remember while there’s a focus on Respect Round this week we should always try our best to make sure it’s Respect Round every week."

#RESPECT Round has seen initiatives including Junior Rugby League teams entering the field of play together and shaking hands and lining up for a photo before the game, clubs, players, coaches, administrators and spectators taking the #RESPECT pledge and clubs and individuals sharing messages using the #RESPECT hashtag on social media.