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Rugby League fans won’t have to wait for long for their footy fix with the NSW Wheelchair Rugby League (NSWWRL) season starting this weekend.

The 10-week competition is split into two different tiers based on experience with the first match to be held at Menai Sports Centre on Sunday 3 February.

NSW Wheelchair Rugby League has grown immensely since it started in 2010, with Tier One players travelling to Newcastle for matches for the first time this season.

“There are six teams in the competition, which will cause for more intense rivalry, passion and competitiveness in the tight group,” NSWWRL chairman Edie George told

“The structure allows more players to progress amongst the tiers, develop further and bring more skill to the game.

“This progressive system has bought about more interest from junior players who wish to partake in the competition and be the faces of the future.”

NSWWRL is made up by a board of volunteers who dedicate their time to make sure these skilful players have an opportunity to play the sport they love.

The game highlights the inclusiveness of Rugby League with competitions that showcase players of all ages, abilities and gender.

Get amongst this season of Wheelchair Rugby League and its community by heading to