Have you ever wondered what your favourite NSW VB Blues players are doing before they play on game day? We asked them for you.

David Klemmer
“I have a hot shower to burn the skin, I just like getting in because it feels nice and relaxing. I have to have a steak and veggies before a game as well”

Jack Bird
“If it’s a late game I tend to go for a swim during the day and go back to mine and have a little nap. Listen to a bit of music and relax as much as I can. I try and eat the same food, but it’s hard if I’m home il eat the same food but if I’m away I got to eat what the boys are. I have to eat a chocolate bar before the game though.”

Josh Dugan
“I write the initials of my Pop and my Uncle on my wrist, and whenever I score a try I look up to the sky.”

Aaron Woods
“Game day goes for heaps long so I go to bed really late, like 2 or 3am in the morning. We have brekky and a walk from 7-10am and then after the walk I like to sleep for the rest of the day. I like to wear the same pair of budgie smugglers every game. They have my postcode of where I grew up – 2040.”

Tyson Frizell
“I go out to my local coffee shop, take my dog for a walk and hang out on the lounge all afternoon before I have to go. I always have to wear black boots and in the captain's run I always got to have short tights, not pants.

Blake Ferguson
I like to shave my hair and sometimes shave my legs. Maybe coffee and some breakfast too.”