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The NSWRL congratulates “Healthy, Black and Deadly”, “Menindee Fatyabs” and the “Redfern Rebels”, winners of the George Rose Challenge of this year’s NSW Aboriginal Knockout Health Challenge.

The NSW Aboriginal Knockout Health Challenge, is a community-led healthy lifestyle and weight-loss challenge for Aboriginal communities across NSW and is run by NSW Health in partnership with NSW Rugby League – and Healthy, Black and Deadly (Newcastle area), Menindee Fatyabs (near Broken Hill) and Redfern Rebels (Sydney) have excelled in this year’s challenge with an average weight loss of between 4- 5 kilograms over 10 weeks.

The NSW Aboriginal Knockout Health Challenge, consists of two 10-week challenges, the George Rose Challenge and the Julie Young Challenge, named after the two famous Rugby League representatives. The Challenges enable communities to take the lead on physical activity and nutrition activities that will work for them, to create healthier lifestyles.

The NSW Aboriginal Knockout Health Challenge, aims to motivate Aboriginal people to manage their lifestyle-related risk factors for chronic disease and reduce prevalence of overweight and obesity through a weight-loss competition and physical-activity and healthy eating challenges.

“On behalf of the NSWRL I’d like to congratulate not only the winners of the George Rose Challenge, but all who have taken part,” NSWRL CEO David Trodden said.

“By choosing to make better lifestyle choices participants not only have created better outcomes for themselves, but they’re setting higher standards and being better role models for others too.

“Well done to all who have been involved in the NSW Aboriginal Knockout Health Challenge and thanks again to NSW Health for leading a truly life-changing program.”

Director NSW Office of Preventive Health Chris Rissel said with great loss came great gain for the teams.

“Not only has this weight loss resulted in some great prizes, it also helps participants combat obesity and diseases such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, osteoarthritis and reproductive problems,” he said.

The objectives of the NSW Aboriginal Knockout Health Challenge, are consistent with the priority areas of the National Partnership Agreement on Closing the Gap in Indigenous Health Outcomes; the Implementation Plan for the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan 2013-2023 (Healthy Adults); the NSW Aboriginal Health Plan 2013-2023; and the NSW 2021 state health plan.

There is strong evidence that regular physical activity and healthy eating can be effective in reducing risk factors for chronic disease, and overweight and obesity in the general population.

Winners are calculated based on total team weight loss percentage, with first-placed team receiving a $20,000, second-placed team $7,500 and third-placed team receiving $5,000 in grants for local community programs. 

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